Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's beginning...

to look a lot like Christmas!!!

I found these Charcoal Snowflake space savers (1 1/4QT and 2 QT) yesterday, after a huge drought.  They were taped together and marked $7.99!  I was so excited- I have a divided charcoal and a casserole, so these were a perfect addition, and even came with a lid!  As I was standing there hugging them, I looked along the shelf of dishes, and what did I find?

A 2 1/2 QT oval casserole! WITH LID!  Oh, happy day!  It was marked $5.99.  I also had a $.99 pack of ornaments, and when I went to pay for my goods, she put them in a box for me.  I was looking at the register, and it said $9.69.  She said I could pick up the box around back, and I told her I hadn't paid for them yet.  She smiled and told me the price- again- $9.69...so I happily paid!  I don't know what happened, but I got a sweet discount- and an early Christmas present!  We are having our own family Thanksgiving dinner this weekend, since we are going to an Aunt's for the actual day.  So technically, I could serve my Thanksgiving dinner in Snowflakes and be totally ok!  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

(PS...to see the bowls my mom surprised me with, you can visit me at Under The Bee Tree)


  1. Wow some luck!!
    Anything charcoal or snowflake is at the very top of my pyrex wishlist!

  2. That was just the best kind of day! I have the 2 1/2 qt - at first I wondered what I would use it for because it's so big - but I've been using it every week - it's great for roasts and chicken!

  3. The charcoal snowflake is definitely one of my favorites! And the 2 1/2 qt size is perfect- we have a large family! :) Roast and chicken both sound wonderful right now!

  4. wow!! amazing finds!! i have a divided casserole and the 043 in the charcoal. but, who knew that pyrex made that many charcoal pieces? happy early holidays to you! :)

  5. Wow!! The only charcoal Snowflake I have is the spacesaver and it doesn't have the lid. Great finds!