Monday, November 7, 2011


I received an email from Rachael of The Thrifty Picker. Does anyone have the answer?
Erin H

Hi there, I am a Pyrex Collective follower and came across a beautiful Fire King casserole today in the color of peach lustre. Although not Pyrex fabulousness, it is a pretty casserole!! Now for my question. It came with a lid that fits perfectly and I just noticed it says Pyrex on the handle of the lid. Did Pyrex make lids for Fire King?
I am new to the Pyrex world and so I have no clue about this kind of stuff, I just know I love it and I love Pyrex and the Pyrex Collective! Thanks in advance for any assistance!

Rachael Herman
The Thrifty Picker~


  1. My guess is that the lid doesn't belong to the Peach Luster Fireking casserole.

    But then again stranger things have happened! Pyrex did a lot of pieces for other companies and Anchor Hockings copied a lot of Pyrex stuff.

    There's no real way to know and that is part of the charm of colecting Pyrex!

    People have named me the Canadian Queen of Pyrex so I should know (LOL)

  2. Oh my gosh, this question is from moi! Thanks for posting this question. I was just looking at the FK bowl and the Pyrex lid again. I thought I was seeing things when this came up on my blogger dashboard, I was like "who the heck knows me and my blog?"!