Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Just the right bowl

I wanted to give a set of Butterfly Gold bowls to my niece as a wedding shower gift, but I lacked the 401 bowl. I set out to make the rounds of the area antique stores, hoping to find it, but not really believing that I would. At the second store, I found the exact bowl I needed, in perfect condition. It was sitting on a table with a variety of other odd bowls. Hurray! How often does that happen?

I also found a Bluebelle 402 to complete another set. I just love that soft blue color.

One of my favorite holiday uses for my Pyrex: Containers for floral arrangements. Today I'm taking two Cinderella bowls to my friend who has a floral shop so she can make centerpieces for my Thanksgiving tables. I probably ought to get my turkey, too....


  1. Wow! Successful treasure-hunting indeed, and what a sweet gift.

  2. My niece loved the set of bowls--her first Pyrex. You never know if someone else will like them as much as you do, or what they will think about receiving a vintage gift, but I think I created another Pyrex fan.

  3. Lucky Niece! My girls all want some of my collection..which makes me happy.
    What a lucky day of treasure hunting you had!