Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Red Pyrex Fridgie from Value Village!

Hi Everyone, it's SixBalloons here!

I took a photo of this little red Pyrex refrigerator dish quite some time ago but realize that I never got to share it!

I found it at a Value Village store for $2.99. I've seen little fridgies of this size at VV before, but in such varying conditions (and yet STILL the same price) that I was happy to scoop this little guy up. The red is faded in some areas, but it's mostly bright, shiny, and comes with a glass lid. It's even the older style glass lid with lines on either side of the clear glass.

I love this little size because it's perfect for storing small leftover portions. I also use it sometimes for holding garlic cloves on the countertop. =)

I hope all our neighbours down to the South have a wonderful Thanksgiving Weekend! Stop by sometime at!


  1. Oooh, I bought one like that at an antique mall for $6, without the lid! I know, it was a bit steep, but it was mint.

    Yours is a great find!

  2. its the little finds that make one's day! of course, its always a great day when you seek and find a lovely new (to you) piece of pyrex :)