Saturday, February 4, 2012

the good the bad and the ugly

hi everyone!

these two blue bowls are my latest finds.
i bought them last weekend at a huge sale hosted
by a women's group that fundraises for a local museum

i put them next to my primary set so that you can get an idea of their true sizes.
they are marked 483 and 485.
are they new?
are they old?
any one know what they are?

of course, these are the good. and now for the bad and the ugly. this refers to behavior and thankly not our precious pyrex. my rant for the day....this morning i went to an estate sale. it was called for 9am and i got there about 10 minutes early. by my best guess, i was number 17 in line. as soon as the doors opened, the line moved quickly and we were all allowed inside the teeniest tiniest little house. but people were being so rude! pushing and shoving to make their way thru. grabbing and grabbing at everything in the house

in the end , i saw one woman with two spring blossoms (444, 443), and i had found a yellow desert dawn pie plate. i stood in line to pay and noticed that a couple of older gentlemen ahead of me had a blue stripes 401, and bg 401 and a yellow stripes 402 amongst other items they had found. they paid and moved out to the porch to wrap their stuff. i paid and also went out and politely inquired about the striped bowls. would they be interested in letting me buy them? no...did they collect were they planning on re-selling them? YES! ugh..

ok so i guess i'm mostly mad at myself for not arriving earlier. perhaps i've been spoiled up to now as i've kinda felt like i would go to an estate sale in my area and i've been the only one scooping up the pyrex. so now, i've got these guys as my competition?

its getting competitive out there folks...


  1. It's competitive out there for sure. I always have to arrive at sales really early to get the Pyrex. I think you only really missed out on the desert dawn, and the stripes (love the stripes!). I get so annoyed with resellers. I mean, I know I guess everyone has to make a living.

  2. Those blue bowls look huge - hope someone can help you out on their history - I'm anxious to know too....

  3. The blue bowls are called Brittany Blue. They came with a tart plate as a lid. There are also mixing bowls that are part of the Brittany set. Check pyrexlove.con or Flickr to see them. Nice finds!

  4. obsessed

    thanks for the info. it does seem that these are a bit of an anomaly. i don't recall seeing the tart plates when i bought these, but there was a 045 in the same color that my friend took home. it just had a clear lid. pyrex love does describe these but no pictures

    thanks! :)

  5. Hmm, if they were going to resell them anyways, why not sell them to you? Doesn't make much sense...very strange.

  6. i'm sure that i'm going to see them on ebay...i'll check for local sellers. seriously, though, makes me so mad!

  7. Estate sales seem so sad. They aren't popular here in Canada where I live. I probably should be glad about that. People can be so ugly.