Saturday, April 14, 2012

breaking the pyrex fast

It's been too long, Pyrex friends! I recently scored some great pieces, for the first time in ages. Has anyone else noticed the price of Pyrex skyrocketing lately? It's becoming harder and harder to find amazing deals. But at my favorite local antique mall this week, I found some great stuff:

The two designs mixing bowls (343 and 344, 1.5 and 3 QT) were $17 for the pair, but I bought them because I thought I had an in-between size. (Turned out I have the 3 QT already. If anybody is interested in it, let me know!) But the rest of the pieces were total steals. The black snowflakes baking dish is a weird size (548, 1.25 QT) and was on sale for $4.67! The orchard Cinderella bowl (441, 1.5 pints) was $4 and is going to be a gift for my mom. The green casserole (024, 2 QT) was just $3.90. Not too shabby!


  1. Nice finds ;) Yes, prices are still going up where I live, too. Whenever the popularity dies, the prices will go back down....

  2. You did great! Prices have been getting crazy here for some time. What's nuts is the pricing on lids have gone crazy, usually you'll pay over $10 for just a lid! I love this design and have never found any ): I'd be interested in your extra (3 qt right?) depending on what shipping (usually the deal killer, boo!) is. Thanks!

  3. Those are great pieces. :)