Saturday, August 17, 2013

Moon Deco

Hello again,

Above, you will find my new Moon Deco casserole dish. I just think it's the coolest Pyrex design ever. It was also my most expensive single purchase, but there is a story...

We were at the Southwarks antique mall in Cambridge, ON last week. My husband came walking towards me with the dish in his hands and asked if $28 was a fair price. I almost grabbed it out of his hands. "Yes!" The truth is that I don't know what's a fair price, but I do know that at another booth at the same place, the exact same dish has been sitting on the shelf for at least a year. The seller is asking over $80.00 for it. To me, that's grocery shopping money. I was going to treat myself to it down the road if I came into windfall money, but who knows if that day would have come, or even if I could have ever justified spending that much on one piece of Pyrex. 

The moral of the story once again is that you have to keep on looking because you just don't know what you'll ever find.

Canadian Erin


  1. I love it so art deco looking

    and have never seen one

  2. I just love it when my husband comes walking up with Pyrex and says...Is this to much?! He always finds the good ones!


  3. You are so right about the looking. We came upon some vintage 1966 blue bar code print Pyrex bowls last week and they sold within 18 hours on the store. We weren't really looking we just happened by them. It was a week of great finds, but we had to leave a lot behind unfortunately. Congrats on your find. Have a great week.

  4. What an awesome find, Erin! I have only ever seen that bowl one time. It was at our local flea market and the seller had a huge sign next to it that said "Extremely RARE piece of PYREX". They then proceeded to try and sell it for $120.00.

    Hopefully you got a better price than that:-)


  5. Love that story Erin! You're right, you never know. I hold on loosely to always comes back around! I've given some away or sold it, and than found another.

  6. Gaaahhhh!! I'm so excited! I found one yesterday for $19, the casserole AND the lid!! Bought it!!!! Isn't it gorgeous!I understand when it came out it also had a bottom black plate to sit on . Luckily my husband and I live in an area where there are dozens of vintage/antique stores and we find really cool stuff!

  7. Hi lovely lady.
    How is the little guy doing today. I was looking for the post but can not find it.. Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my Tablescape for the guys, hope you and your family are having a wonderful weekend.