Friday, January 14, 2011


Hello!! I'm new to the Pyrex Collective. I'm Usagi. It's not my real name but a nickname that I use online but I'm not here to explain that. I just started hunting down Pyrex dishes and in one week I have managed to get my boyfriend to say "stop." I have always admire them but one day I'm like, I need them in my life. Here's what I have acquired in a week! Pictures ahoy!

My first dish. I found this lovely at Goodwill. She was hidden deep in the shelves. I am in love with this pattern! I found her on New Years actually.

I found this one at another Goodwill last Saturday. I had answered an ad on CL, someone was selling Pyrex items. I went and they were not. =( I bought the 2 dishes for 10 bucks anyways. I didn't have the hurt to tell the lady no. So on my way home, I passed by the Goodwill and got her. She was hidden behind some nasty pails. I wonder if someone was coming back later.

I was bored at work on Tuesday and came across these two from a Etsy seller. She was selling them at half off. BUY BUY BUY! The shipping got added in. Ouch. They showed yesterday but I'm not loving the cup in person so I'm going to try and sell it or trade it off. I read about a flikr group. I may go there.

The boyfriend and I on Tuesday night decided to check out the Goodwill pop store. We have a lot of Goodwills in San Francisco and this location will be around until the owner finds someone to rent out the space. Until then, they are letting Goodwill use it. I love this pattern. I'm hoping to find some more.

Last night, I found these babies at another Goodwill. They sold them in 2 sets. I was going to pick up only the light color bowls but I just couldn't brake them up so all 4 of them are now living with me.

So that has been my adventures. I start up classes next week so my night will be filled with textbooks instead of pyrex hunting. At least the thrift/Pyrex gods were nice to me during my free week. Pyrex wasn't the only thing I bought. If you want to see more of my thrift shopping or random geekness, you can head over to my blog.

And now I'm off to read the other posts!!


  1. Great finds! I have the loaf pan you showed in your first pic and I use it a lot. And I'd love to find a set of the butterfly gold bowls you have!

  2. awesome finds for a rookie lol i am very impressed! maybe they will hold you over until spring break! pyrex is truly an addiction!! i am blessed that my mom shops for me and that my husband enjoys junk/thrift/antique/flea market stores too...

  3. WOW...esp at the last set you found. NO!!! Don't break up the sets. I can not beleive you found the entire set at ONE Goodwill.

  4. Wonderful finds. Pyrex is very addictive. I love the loaf pan in the Srping Blossom pattern. That is becoming my favorite pattern.

  5. Wow, you did awesome for just a week of Pyrex collecting!! I love the Spring Daisy pattern too, and have several pieces, but not a loaf dish.