Wednesday, January 19, 2011

an unconventional use for pyrex

hi everyone. i just wrote a post about how i used pyrex in my knitting. and no, it wasn't to store the balls of yarn, though that would be a fabulous use of pyrex!

come have a peek, let me know if you fancy (hehe) my use of pyrex.

i'd love to hear of other uses for pyrex. other than cooking, baking, and staring at admiringly, i mean ;)

have a great day all!


  1. I'm not a knitter, but I think that's a wonderful use of Pyrex!!

  2. Hey, whatever works. LOL. I have a spare pink and white gooseberry small fridgie holding bobby pins on my dressing table. If my blue and white amish fridgies do not sell, I will use them for spring planting.

  3. thank you sharonLou!

    girlyGirl~ that's a great use for a fridgie. i have yet to find my first piece, they're such a convenient size!