Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pyrex Tragedy!

Just before Chritsmas, as I was taking out some Dept 56 houses to display around the house....and I heard this heart wrenching crash!

Remember this?

If you don't, click HERE for the whole reveal!

So after the crash I picked up the box and heard millions of glass shards moving around.


Since Xmas was just around the corner and I had other things to think about.....I put it off

This week I went and decided to open the box and survey the damage...

OMG I had lost the lid but the casserole was intact. It just fell from 12 inches high and still in the box.... 
 That's life! You win a few, you loose a few....Oh well :(


  1. That use to make me just SICK when I broke a dish now I just think Oh well I'll be looking for a replacement as I'm shopping the antique malls.
    And sometimes I just say I really enjoyed having that now it's gone


  2. Darn :( Well, at least you have the casserole! :)

  3. It hurts but we must move on to the next piece of Pyrex! Now the missing piece goes on your shopping list. Sorry, very sad to lose a beloved Pyrex piece.

  4. What a beautiful casserole! SO sad to see the lid broken, but at least it was saved. Hopefully you can find the lid somewhere!