Sunday, January 16, 2011

oh lovely bluebird

The BF and I hit a few estate sales yesterday and, just for yucks, decided to stop by an antique mall along the highway that we'd never been to before. We were short on time, which is probably good, or else we'd still be there wandering through the aisles, wishing we had breadcrumbs to help find the way out. I saw a million things I'd love to have, but nothing grabbed my attention like this beautiful Bluebird casserole. Alas, no cradle, but when I saw the $12.95 price tag, I was in heaven. Never would I have expected to find something so great in such great condition at such a great price at an antique mall. I'm just so glad I didn't pay $31 (with shipping) to buy the one online I've had my eye on!

If possible, it looks even better with yummy chocolate chip cookies in it!

BTW, if you haven't signed up for my Pyrex Pink Daisy giveaway, please do! You have until January 20th.



  1. What a beautiful find! And now, I'm craving a big, chocolatey cookie... :(

  2. You were so lucky to find that!! I've never seen one in all of my thrifting expeditions! It's beautiful!! Those cookies look yummy too!