Thursday, December 23, 2010

a million little pieces

Hi, all! I've been following this blog for a while now and finally joined the collective yesterday. I'm a writer and editor and crafter and craft show organizer living in Cincinnati, which gives me great access to rural areas for thrifting.

My Pyrex obsession began when a good friend of mine was always coming up with amazing thrifted finds. I bought my first bowls a little more than a year ago at prices I'd now turn up my nose at. (But the colors were just too gorgeous to pass them up!)

Got these three in Indiana (my favorite place to thrift) for $30 total.

Since then, I've become much more thrifty. My best score to date was this haul from a local Goodwill:

I think a restaurant had gone out of business and was just getting rid of all its dishware. Total for all these dishes: $41. Incredible, right? I especially love the yellow bowls -- they're just the right size for a big salad. But I learned the hard way to not leave a freshly washed bowl near the edge of the counter where someone (i.e. me) could knock it on the floor...

Oh, the horror! And this happened close to midnight -- not a time when you want to be picking up big sharp glass pieces, vacuuming up the smaller bits and then going over the whole kitchen with wet paper towels because there are still glass shards sticking to the floor (while trying to keep the cat out of the kitchen).

I saved the big pieces of glass -- I'm hoping they could be turned into a mosaic or jewelry or something. I do have the bowl's twin, still, safe and sound in my cabinet. Pour one out for my Pyrex, y'all.



  1. The restaurantware score is pretty incredible!! Love it all!

    And poor yellow bowl :( I do like the idea of turning it into a mosaic or jewelry though!

  2. Welcome! Pyrex AND a cat? You are so Pyrex Collective. Sorry to learn about Old Yellow. I think we've all had at least one bad experience with breakage. I can tell you're a writer the way you document the whole thing. My family doesn't get that I do the same thing. It's just weird to them.
    Merry Christmas.
    P.S. My brother lives in northern Indiana. Now you've got the wheels turning.

  3. @erin -- south bend has AMAZING goodwills and salvation armies. i once thrifted my way from south bend to indianapolis -- that was a good weekend!