Sunday, May 22, 2011

back from a hiatus with hearts

I've been on a self-imposed Pyrex hiatus for a while. My kitchen cabinets were overflowing, and I really had to get a handle on my spending. I sold off 12 of my bowls to a collector and gave a casserole (just an early american -- no biggie) away as a housewarming present. But last week, I couldn't help myself. Because I was here:

And that's just one booth in this football-field-size antique mall. Literally, everywhere you turn is Pyrex. (I'm usually loathe to name my thrifting spots, but there is more than enough to go around here.) The first time I went to OVAM, I was jumping around at all the pyrex on the first aisle. After three hours, my spirit was broken. "More Pyrex?" If y'all go out to Fairfield, Ohio, just be sure to pack some granola bars and water, for real.

The prices are often more for collectors than thrifters, but you do occasionally find some good deals. I got a little plate with a pink edge for $1, and a little round Butterprint casserole for $4. But my best score was this:

Golden Hearts promo casserole with warmer -- including what I think are the original candles! -- for $10. Beautiful! I'm glad to be back in the game. :)


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  2. I would love to come upon that booth!

  3. That's a lot of Pyrex & the prices seem quite reasonable for an antique mall.

    You should have bought me those fridgies.

  4. I love that Golden Hearts promo, and $10 is a very good price!! I'd probably have the "vapors" if I went to that antique mall and saw all the Pyrex!!

  5. @ sir thrift-a-lot -- the stuff i purchased were especially good deals, but most things weren't that cheap. most bowl sets were $40+, and nice casseroles were $12+.

  6. Holy Moly...that's not a booth...that's Pyrex Heaven"!