Friday, January 11, 2013

Fabulous Fridgies

Hey PC1ers! It's SixBalloons here!

I picked up a new fridgie and reunited it with a spare lid I had at home.

It's actually a doubled up piece now but I use them all the time so I justified paying almost eight bucks for it!

Love the fridgies but still pining after a Heinz teal baker whic I have never seen in real life... =)


  1. This is the most action PC1 has seen in months, haha.

    502 delphite priced reasonably is tots on my want list. (but only with a lid)

    I have 6 501's. Where the hell are all the 502's??? (4 with lids, 2 without)

  2. Nice going on the reunion, specially with the proper lid. I picked up Butterprint 503 and 502 with lids yesterday at Value Village - they will require a fair amount of elbow work and are doubles for me, but were too hard to pass up.
    I've yet to see any Heinz baker in real life either - one day ...

  3. Refrigerator dishes are the best and I rarely pass them up. I even buy patterns that I don't collect or care for very much! Is that a problem? :-)

    The Heinz promotional is a great size and shape. Sister & I both have one and they are perfect for brownies!


    1. I have a refrigerator dish weakness as well... it's good to know I'm not alone!

  4. I actually found a Heinz dish (and almost passed it up because I don't like green) in a junky junk store. There was standing water in a few areas of the building o.O I did buy the Heinz piece though, I want to say it was $10? I have only used mine once and it was for meatloaf. I though that felt appropriate since most people smother theirs in ketchup and it was Heinz and all ;)

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  6. I love my teal Heinz promotional! Never have seen it in the wild, but I broke down and got it on ebay, for what I felt was a decent price. I used mine for sweet potato casserole at Thanksgiving dinner, I think the color is very pretty.