Thursday, January 3, 2013

The drought is over!

Hahaha... My boyfriend is not happy but I am! I was hanging out on Mission Street (San Francisco, CA) and found a new vintage consignment store. Oh my god all the amazing things they had! I was drooling and then I saw the prices. I had an attack. I did find a set of 3 Pyrex bowls with lids. I can't recall the pattern and they were asking 70 bucks for it. My heart sank and I decided to walk the block and go to Goodwill. I am so glad I did!!!

Excuse my kitchen table. My boyfriend is making me take inventory! I found this loaf dish for $2.49. It is still kinda grimy but I am working on fixing it up.

I have never seen this pattern before but guess what! My boyfriend has. His mother owned them and he stole her set when he moved out. He said it's in storage and the sugar cup did come with a lid but for some reason, his set yellowed very badly. I believe this pattern is called Morning Blue. I snagged them for 2.99 each.

And I found a lid! I keep finding them everywhere for either 99-1.99 but I never pick them up but for some reason, I was nagging myself too and I am so glad I did because it fit on...

This Cinderella divided serving dish I found last year! I think I shall pick up the lids as I see them from now on!

I have never seen these cups before and they had four of them. They were scattered around housewares and all priced differently. The lady was nice enough to charge me the lowest price tagged x4!  This is one of my favorite patterns!

I was so excited to find these and knowing my luck, I won't find anymore for a while but that's ok.

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