Thursday, January 3, 2013

I have Pyrex!

It has been such a long time since I have posted some new finds. Pyrex seem to have dried up in my city and what little I do find, they are overpriced and destroyed!

On Sunday, I headed off to the Tresaure Island Flea Market with no real mission. I just hadn't been there in a few months. I found a few sellers with Pyrex and I broke a few of my pricing rules with two but I blame on not having seen any for months and not having come across these shapes/patterns.

The gold leaf/acorns one is so pretty and I have never seen it in person! I did a happy dance at the booth towards it.

I'm hoping 2013 brings me more Pyrex. My boyfriend is hoping for another drought.

The seller who sold me the Old Orchard had these two as well. I cried. He was asking for a lot more with these two then the one he sold me.


  1. It is always sad to see abused Pyrex! You found some great pieces~!

  2. Nice finds! I just found a Golden Acorn divided dish today - I think it's a pretty pattern.
    So sad to see those mistreated bowls.