Friday, January 11, 2013

Who is the maker of these bowls?

I saw these bowls today at Value Village, nothing I would add to my collection, but I was curious to find out who made them. Anybody know? I was guessing Glasbake. I once saw a set of Glasbake nesting bowls that look quite similar to Pyrex ones, with similar paint as these in the picture. Photo credit goes to my boyfriend. Next time I'll have to supervise. 

They are deeper & more narrow than a set of Cinderella bowls, but have the same handle & spoutage as them. 



  1. I have little cereal bowls like the green one. Same color and "wash" to them. But my bowls are marked glasbake. That would be my guess.

  2. i have this set of bowls, and they are fire king.
    the logo is very clearly branded into the bottom, its a set of 4. very 70s colors.

    1. The logo isn't clearly branded on the bottom of the set in this thrift store, in fact, there wasn't one at all.

      My BF tests me on bowls I've never seen before & vice versa & we both looked on both bowls & no branding on either.

  3. I have seen the yellow bowls and they are in fact Fire King. Not something I would buy. They are Pyrex imposters!!


  4. Thanks guys! Going with Fire King now!

  5. I saw these same bowls today!

    Meg B

  6. I recently saw one the same shape as the brown and it was marked Glasbake on the bottom.