Saturday, September 4, 2010

401 Mixing Bowls

I have to say that the #401 Pyrex Mixing Bowl is my favourite piece in the series. I feel like a bit of a nerd to say that I have two Spring Blossom 401 bowls; one to use and one to keep in pristine condition. This came about when my dear hubby saw the frozen, concerned look on my face when he was mixing something in my precious bowl with a fork...

I was at Value Village yesterday, and the clerk was unloading new goods in the kitchen area. Yeeps! First I saw an Opal White #441 cinderella tabbed mixing bowl and then... a stack of four #401's: two in the light pink colour, one Butterfly Gold, and one Friendship. What are the odds?

After much consideration, I only picked up the Friendship bowl. I know light pink is coveted, but the paint was quite faded, and get this: I think the previous owners used it as a bowl for paint. The interior was rough and there was dried paint left on the rim of the bowl! Oh that poor Pyrex.


  1. I love this pattern! How cool to see so many pieces of #401 come out at the thrift at the same time. OH and I COMPLETELY understand one to use and one to save!! :)

  2. What a pretty bowl! Too bad about the sad, paint splattered Pyrex. At least it was useful to someone for something.

  3. Phew. I am so glad that others can relate to my emotional attachment to my Pyrex! =)