Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Blue Chip Week

When I first started collecting Pyrex, I purchased several pieces from eBay.  It was a quick way (and expensive by the time that shipping was added in) to get some pieces.  Now I have restrained myself to only looking for specific pieces.  Usually these are things that I won't come across locally.  One of the ones that I have been looking for showed up recently, and after a bit of a bidding battle, it is now mine. 

This special piece, Blue Chip Week from April 1963 was on my short list of things to find.

The back of the piece says that the Charleroi Family Day was April 27, 1963.  Now, I'm not sure exactly what this piece was for, but the factories here in my town (we're down to one now...) have company picnics during the spring or summer for employees and their families and celebrate the work of another year.  My hunch is that this piece was for a company picnic type event.  A company celebration. 

Anyway, the blue color on this number 473 1 quart casserole is great, and the white design really pops.  From the condition that it's in, I'm fairly certain that it spent it's life sitting put away on some kitchen shelf.  It really shows no signs of having been used.

Does anybody have any further information on this piece?


  1. Wow, never seen anything like this. Cool Find!

  2. what i wouldn't give for a piece of pyrex made especially for my family <3 so cool!

  3. Wow, thank you for sharing this! Beautiful!

  4. Now that piece is unique! Keep your eye on it!

  5. I would love some more info on this piece as well! Incredibly unique!!

  6. You are right. This piece was given at the company picnic. I've seen mugs and plates made for these occasions.

    Great find. I too shop on ebay. and when you need it, you need it!


    It says in the Wikipedia article that there was and still is a Pyrex producing plant in Charleroi, Pennsylvania. The only one in the world.

  8. This has "impossible to find" literally stamped all over it. So cool.
    Great score.