Wednesday, September 22, 2010

And then there were two...

I have been trying very hard recently to cut back on my thrifting as I am accumulating a LOT of stuff and one of the big decisions I have made is not to buy any more pyrex.

Well that didn't last very long ;-) Look at what I bought today...

A gorgeous big aqua snowflake casserole for $4!!!

And look!

It has a twin! I bought the first one a while back in the very same Op Shop and I'm pretty sure I paid around $12 for that one, hmmm, they obviously price by whatever mood they're in on the day. I want whoever priced today's casserole to price all my finds ;-)


  1. They're beautiful and in beautiful condition, lucky you!

    I limit myself to certain colors for certain rooms of our home when I'm thrifting. Then again, I buy for my shop, so I guess I'm not really limiting my acquiring at all. I'm just limiting my keeping!

  2. Love this piece! How could you not buy it?? I'm trying to cut back on my buying and keeping!!

  3. I just love them! I hereby declare you must always buy more Pyrex.

  4. Love, love those casseroles! Unfortunately, I don't have any of those......yet!! :)

  5. They make a beautiful pair. And $4? WOW! I bought that dish this weekend for $12.50 and was totally OK with that. If I got it for $4 I might have peed my pants.