Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dandelion Duet

I recently purchased a Pyrex bulk lot on eBay because I wanted just this one piece.  Well, I will use the others, but this Dandelion Duet divided server was what I was really after.  Why did I buy a bulk lot when I really just wanted one piece?  Well, the seller had four pieces of Pyrex (including the above server) for $6.50 Buy It Now.  Shipping was a little less than $10.  That's what you might expect to pay for just one piece, so why not pick up a few extra pieces as a bonus?

Unfortunately, this Dandelion Duet no longer has it's lid or candle warmer, but the gold dandelions on the cream colored background sure do look good!  The Dandelion Duet was a Spring 1959 promotional piece, according to Pyrex Love.

The rest of the bulk lot?  Here ya go!

From the bottom up: Dandelion Duet divided server, a Shenandoah 474-B casserole along with two 441 1 1/2 pint Cinderella style mixing bowls in the Homestead pattern.  I like the Shenandoah, but the jury is still out on the Homestead.  It is going to have to grow on me, but I'm sure that they will see quite a bit of everyday use!


  1. Wow what a score!!! I love the divided dish and yes worth every penny you paid for it. The others are OK and someone will love them if you don't!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful finds!

  2. Sounds like a heck of a bargain to me! I like that dandelion pattern especially.

  3. Good deal! We had the set of bowls that's on the top of the pile growing up (late '80s, early '90s), but I think my mom sold them at a yard sale.

  4. Love your Dandelion Duet! (I agree with your thoughts on Homestead.)