Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lime Surprise

(Hi everyone, this is my first post.  Please excuse my camera phone photos ~ a new camera has been chosen but hasn't been released just yet.)

We just got home from a week of vacation at the beach; however, it was a week with absolutely zero thrifting.  No consignment or thrift shops, no yard sales, and no antiques stores.  Oh, the shops were there, but this was a family vacation so we spent our time at the pool and beach.

Papa and I went to an antique mall after lunch our first day back.  I was determined to come home with something Pyrex and toward the end of my shopping I came across these two little babies.  They are lime green 080 individual casserole dishes and I found them in the same dealer booth where I found my 2.5 quart Daisy casserole dish.  I'm starting to know which dealers have Pyrex regularly.

These will be perfect for individual apple crisps or meat loaves.  The clerk wrapping my package suggested leftovers, but I had to laugh and tell her that I am past pretending that I will ever have enough leftovers to fill all the Pyrex I buy.


  1. I love how fresh and clean the lime colour is. I'm just accepting fall, but looking at those bowls, I'm thinking about spring.

  2. yum! i'll take both of them with some apple crisp, thank you.

  3. I love the little lime green dishes! Now I want to go look for some Pyrex! :)

  4. I love those little lime green bowls too! I'm wanting to go thrifting really bad, but waiting until next weekend.

  5. Those are called Party Pans. The lime yellow is so refreshing! Good find :)

  6. I'm on a hunt for a set of the lime green pyrex dishes. My mom passed away and I found a few plates in the basement. I remember them from childhood and know they were probably a wedding gift. So, I'd like to complete the set. Any tips on how to find them?