Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I've got car!

Well, that's a strange thing to say, isn't it! I've been car-less for 4 1/2 months while DH was working over 1100 miles away, and we only have one car. So, no Pyrex hunting for me, or shopping of any kind except for food and medicine, and that was only once every two weeks when a neighbor took me. DH is back, we are NOT going to move to Texas after all, and I hit the first thrift store today! I just kept saying to myself, "I've got car!" and grinned a secret grin to myself. I didn't find anything to write about, and I confess I wasn't really looking for Pyrex as the first item on my list, but the 1 & 1/2 Qt. Corning Ware pan (an early Just White) I was looking for wasn't there. Two weeks ago I broke one of mine in that size and I admit it - I cried. It was an old friend of over 30 years, after all! I had served my children food cooked in it from their toddler-hood through middle age, for goodness' sake, and began serving good food to grandchildren! It looked great, did its job superbly, and took the daily use like a champ. I gasp at the awful prices on EBay - not so much for the pots and pans, but the shipping prices. That's hard when you're retired. So, I will go off to the local thrift stores - I found a few by searching online yesterday, and hope that maybe, one day, I will find a twin to one of my favorite pans, and if I'm lucky, I'll find some pretty Pyrex to keep it company. Corning ware = great; Pyrex = great; Car to find the other two = Heaven!


  1. So glad you have car!! What a hard thing to do, go without a car for so long. I would be crazy! Hope you find that corning ware pan soon!

  2. Can you send a picture of what the pan looked like? I think I might have what you are looking for in several patterns. If I do I could send it to you for the price of shipping only. (I have 5 and don't really need that many).