Monday, September 13, 2010

Divided Dish Fever...

The Pyrexia has struck again!

I was talking to a lady at work last Friday when she mentioned a flea market in a nearby town that she had a booth in.  I had never been there, so I asked her more about it.  My big question was if there was any Pyrex in her booth (she was selling off the remnants of her parents estate that nobody in the family wanted) and she responded that yes there was, and she had several pieces still at her house.  Noting to myself that I needed to see if I could see what she still had at her house sometime, I got directions to the flea market and headed out right after work.  It was a great store with amazing prices.  I mentioned this place on my blog today, and as I said there, I am keeping all details about this store confidential!  Anyway, I picked up three pieces of Pyrex (although I had to really restrain myself - there was a lot in that place!). 

So, the top piece is an Opal 1 1/2 quart divided dish marked # 1063.  It is a different shape than the standard Pyrex divided serving dish, and I have only ever seen it in Opal and Delphite.  I was quite pleased to find this, and it was 50% off... or 75 cents!  Second, on the lower left is a turquoise Snowflake divided dish, and on the lower right is a Town & Country divided dish.  Total for all three pieces before tax was $6.70.  What a deal!

I am including a couple of photos to show the difference between the shape of the Opal glass dish and the standard divided dish.

As you can see, the handles on the Opal dish are much different.  The whole dish is more rounded, especially on the sides and bottom.


  1. I love the divided dishes and I have several. You got a sweet deal on these that is for sure. Not sure I've seen the Opal before but I love it. Interesting difference in shape. Great post!

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  3. I love the divided dish also, and I have just one in the pink daisy. I'm looking for a butterfly gold one. Love that blue one!

  4. Very interesting about the Opal versus the other ones. Good to know! Now I wonder if I've passed any by because they didn't look like Pyrex.

  5. 75 cents? I die. I love the shape of the opal divided dish (and of delphite as well). My only divided dish is in Daisy, but I do love it.