Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Flea to Get LOST in!

n the way home from Kingston, Ont we decided to stop at a flea market we had recently heard about. Heck I don't even know its name!

All I can tell you is that it's in Morrisburg, Ont, it's held every Sunday from 8 to 4 and there's tons of interesting thingies!

It doesn't look like much from the outside but it is huge inside! There are different levels, at least 4! Since we arrived at 3pm and it closes at 4....We were running all over the place trying to see everything!

You know how I am with Pyrex! I couldn't help myself and I took some pics!

Yummy casseroles!

I still think about that cup...but i left it there it was too expensive! 15 $ for 1 cup!

Those were really pricey...sad face.

Those pics were all from the same booth! Is that crazy or what? There was a booth with just Depression glass and one with just Jadeite!!! Ever wonder where all the Jadeite went? ALL IN ONTARIO! LOL

We will go back for sure!


  1. Sigh, they look fab! But yes sounds like the prices were a bit too high.

  2. Wow, $15 for a cup? Incredibly sad. Nice pics though!

  3. I'd want to buy so much. What's the going rate for a refrigerator dish?
    Great fly-on-the-wall pics!

  4. Fridgies were quite expensive! The primary set was 85$.

    Let me know what kind of fridgies you're looking for and i'll keep my eyes opened!

  5. I was born in Kingston but have lived in Calgary for over 30 years and haven't been back in all that time. Feeling like I need to make a pilgrimage back to Ontario just for this flea market!!