Friday, September 17, 2010

Putting Pyrex to Use

Hello fellow Pyrexers! I'm Alyssa Bee at The Lemon Tree. I've been collecting Pyrex for a little less than a year, and am so excited to have stumbled across the Pyrex Collective! And even more excited to have the chance to contribute!!

My humble Pyrex collection keeps growing and growing! I've practically run out of extra space in my (apartment) kitchen cabinets to store all of the lovelies! Time to start putting Pyrex to use. Sure I've used some of my bowls to mix things, and I even made a delish spaghetti bake in a Butterprint dish (!!!).... I know these things are durable, it just usually makes me nervous to use them for their intended purposes. Anyway, I've been thinking about how nice my Autumn Harvest bowl would compliment the new fall season. So I put her on display!

So what's inside??? Vintage Cookbooks (all thrifted of course)!!!

"New Recipes for Good Eating" circa 1951

"Betty Crocker's Dinner for Two" circa 1958

And my personal favorite, the iconic "Fireside Cookbook" circa 1949. It's worth flipping through for the adorable illustrations alone. And the recipes are practically from another planet! Can someone tell me why there are eggs in all of the mixed drinks?!?


  1. Sweet blog :D

    i have just started my own, if you wanna check it out?:

  2. I love this bowl and it looks great with the vintage cookbooks! I also collect those. So glad you joined the Pyrex Collective!!

  3. Welcome - Salut! Lovely pictures. As the judges on the show Chopped say, "It's got a real homey feel to it."