Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pyrex Hoarding is INDEED acceptable!

I stumbled on to this blog not more than 3 days ago. Valerie emailed me and told me about this wonderful blog she and few of you Pyrex hoarders put together. I must say, I thought I was the only one who did some of the things I have been reading here. (oh and I read the entire blog Friday night and screamed and laughed and smiled so much) Hi my name is Sherry and I blog at Annies cupboards. I am a Pyrex hoarder. I am so happy to find you all. I just started collecting, but what a collection I have already. I currently ran out of cupboard space and have been hiding my Pyrex finds underneath dressers and my buffet table. Under my bed too. I have a very small kitchen and we are moving soon. I can almost see my Pyrex kitchen. (thanks to most of you on Flickr, I am so full of ideas)
I travel every year to different parts of the United States and I visit crafting friends and we all love to thrift. We hit up the local flea markets and thrift stores and some antique stores. I thrift locally but I really am not one to hit the flea markets and yard sales in my area. I have enough thrift stores available to keep me busy and stocked pretty good. I do collect other goodies but Pyrex is my favorite. When I was little I remember making cookies in the stacking bowl set my mother had. 3 years ago I was in an antique mall and I saw 3 sets of these bowls. Flash back to my childhood. They were all marked $55 each set. I passed on them. (stop looking at me like that) I then kicked myself and went back 7 days later. All 3 were gone. Yep and there is how it begun. Pyrexia struck. I started hitting up the thrift stores. I currently have every piece to that collection except the blue bowl. I have the blue bowl but its really in such bad shape. So I give those pieces to my cats. The cats have a few of those. Cause of course you have to find a use for those *ugly* ones right? I mean its still Pyrex.
I found this aqua yummy in the BOX last week. I never find anything in the box. Let alone a holder plus lid. I am seeing from most you talk about the numbers on the bottom of the pieces. I never thought about the numbers and their meanings. Now I know. Thank you and thank you Valerie for inviting me to this amazing blog. I enjoy seeing all of your collections and finds. The prices you pay are just Oh my gosh. AMAZING!

p.s. I paid $5.00 or less for each piece I have shown you here.


  1. Welcome and you are amazing yourself!! I love your finds and the last one with box...SCORE!!!

  2. I want that piece so badly. First born son? LOL

  3. Nice to meet you, Sherry! You've got some gorgeous pieces there, and that last one is incredible! Talk about atomic, that one looks like it could launch itself and then send satellite transmissions. Love it!

  4. Welcome! I'm so glad you joined! Nobody will make you feel bad about the Pyrex hoarding, it is encouraged here BIG TIME!

  5. OhMyOhMyOhMy, that is the coolest piece of Pyrex ever. [Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's Pyrex... Thou shalt not covet...]

  6. PS: I have a few qestions: Where do you live? When will you be out of town next? What baked goods would best distract your husband? Thank you for your time.