Monday, September 27, 2010

Ten Things A Pyrex Collector Would Love to Hear

Yummy Pyrex about to be filled with a gourmet meal by your special somebody.

1. Hey hon. Do you feel like going thrifting today?
2. That blue Primary Colour bowl I saw you looking at on Etsy would really compliment your sultry green eyes. You should totally buy it.
3. I was helping Mildred Clarkson clean out her garage this afternoon and she had a whole box of Mod Dots bowls sitting there gathering dust. She wanted you to have them. Can you believe it?
4. I went to Goodwill on my lunch break and I bought this set of Butterprint dishes for you. They're still in the freakin' original box!
5. You bought three more Autumn Harvest casserole dishes without lids. Fantastic!
6. You've been out thrifting all day. You must be completely exhausted. I'll make dinner, right after I massage your feet.
7. I found out that my great uncle Waldorf left me in his will. I've got $50,000 coming my way. Let's go ebaying for Pyrex.
8. Nobody really understands your love of Pyrex the way I do.
9. Open your eyes! Look, I built an addition to the kitchen just to hold your marvelous Pyrex collection. I think some mid-century modern cabinets would be just the job to hold them. What do you think?
10. I thought I'd skip the whole Valentine's Day thing this year and just get you some vintage Pyrex instead.


  1. I would know I'm dreaming! While my honey is very supportive of my Pyrex-a-mania none of the above would ever happen. :)

  2. I just laughed out loud!! That was too cute!! :)

  3. Mine isn't going to say those things, but he did clean all three bathrooms while I was out thrifting Saturday.

  4. That's too funny! Even though my hubby is supportive of my thrifting, he just doesn't "get" the whole Pyrex collecting thing. :)

  5. That was hilarious! We went thrifting today and i'm pretty sure my better half breathed a sigh of relief when I didn't buy anything!

    There comes a time when you realise you don't NEED every pieces of Pyrex! ;)