Saturday, September 11, 2010

My favorite thrift store find so far!

Hey it's Katie from Katieebee!
I'm super excited today :D

I never make it a point to go out to yard sales early Saturday mornings, especially when I have the morning off. But today I did for some reason. Every yard sale I hit was terrible. Probably because I went at like 10 AM and not earlier. So I decided to try my luck at a few thrift stores.
The first one I went to I had no luck, but my second and last stop was Goodwill. I always seem to find my best treasures sitting on the cart they roll out of things that are about to be displayed. I was getting ready to leave when I spotted the most amazing Pyrex find I have ever came across in a thrift store!

I grabbed this thing SO fast and tried not to squeal with excitement :D

I don't know the exact name or year of this Pyrex bowl. But I do know the yellows are hard to come by! This is my first yellow piece, and probably now my favorite piece I own :) Its got some scratches that you can see when its put under light, but over all in pretty good condition. Finding this made all the other pointless stops worthwhile.


  1. Congratulations on your find! The pattern of your new bowl is called "Butterfly Gold".

  2. This is the larger of the 4? If so, I have the small one - if you are interested.

  3. Nice find! I think that is a great pattern. Is this the large bowl? Tell us the # on the bottom!!

  4. This looks like the 403. Butterfly Gold is a very happy pattern! It makes me warm all over :)

    That is what Pyrexia is all about; finding treasures and feeling good!

  5. I just started collecting the Butterfly Gold too!! I LOVE mine! I got three cinderella mixing bowls. I love this pattern! How lucky you are to find it!

  6. it is the 403 1/2 quart. I need to get myself one of those pyrex guides haha

  7. I love it! I have some Butterfly Gold I and II in the bake/serve/store casseroles. In fact, I think it is only patterned Pyrex I have ever found at my Goodwill.