Monday, September 13, 2010

Pyrex Newbie

Hello! My name is Colleen and I am a Pyrex newbie, a POTENTIAL addict, an addict in the making, if you will.

I first learned of Pyrex via the web, and thought they were pretty, but didn't really think much else about them. I don't cook, so I didn't think they were for me. One fall, I went over to my friend Sarah's house for a The Office premier party, and her roommate had a few pieces of Pyrex on display in their dining room. It was seeing the beauty of these items in person that made me fall in love with them. And so the hunt for my own pieces began.

I didn't care what patterns. I didn't care what colors. I didn't even care what condition. I just wanted PYREX NOW. And I couldn't find a single piece in my area FOR TWO YEARS. I kept looking, and came up dry.

My first piece of Pyrex I obtained without even knowing it! My husband and I bought a house and when we moved in, we found that the previous owner had left a couple pieces of cook wear; a white casserole dish (non-Pyrex) that we (he) use all the time, and this funny lid that didn't go with the dish and had olive branches or something on it.

I almost got rid of it, but ended up deciding not to. It had been with the house so long, who was I to end this relationship? So it got pushed further and further back into the cabinets, soon to be forgotten about. It wasn't until I got my most recent Pyrex bowl (which I'll post about later) that I remembered this lid and decided to see if it was Pyrex.

I had fully intended on just posting the picture of it over on my blog to see if anyone would comment with info, when I came across THIS blog, and more importantly, this post, which confirmed that my odd lid was in fact Pyrex!

Now I need the bottom. So my question to you, oh dedicated reader who made it this far:

How do I find out which bottom goes with my lid? Is it as simple as going on ebay and seeing something that kinda sorta looks like it might go with it? Since I'm a Pyrex newbie, I have no idea where to go from here. Please help!


  1. Hi Colleen! That Verde lid is a great place to start your addiction. You can find more info about it here, at Pyrex Love.

  2. I think Verde is very pretty, but I've never come across it in person.

    I look forward to reading your posts!

  3. I just scored the Verde divided dish with lid on my lunch hour today! I usually go to my nearest Goodwill on Tuesdays (25% discount for senior citizens), and there it was begging me to take it home. Hopefully, one day you'll find the bottom for it.

  4. I have the Verde divided veggie dish with the lid you have and I found a Verde casserole at the Goodwill not long along. This is one of my favorite patterns. I hope you check it out at the post I did here called MY GREEN PYREX. The bottom to your lid is green! Good luck!

  5. Colleen, I have one in my store. Check out my Pyrex Post at or feel free to come by if you are in the area.

  6. @Madge - thanks for the link!

    @Sunshine Alternative Mama - You know what's funny? I don't really love the pattern. If it didn't come with my house, I don't think I would have wanted it at all. Of course, now I have to at least get the bottom for it!

    @SharonLou - Lucky you! My thrift stores are always picked over on sale days.

    @Linda @ A La Carte - Pssst! I linked to your post in my post!

    @Hawk Eyes - Thanks, I'll check it out!