Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Land-O-Pyrex and Butter Dish Follow-Up

Here in the land of Pyrex....it was jam time!

You can spy the 444 Butterprint bowl on the left. I had a lot of blackberries, 4 kilos to be exact, so I made 14 jars (all sterilized and processed) and had some left over for a big 2 cups jar and a small fridgie full!

Delicious with butter on a toast!

Now for the butter dishes! Thank you SO much for all your delightful and helpful comments! I was able to re-arrange the cupboard when I was preparing for the jam. I had a lot of mason jars in it; so off to be filled with jam they went and I was able to keep all 7 in the cupboard with the Autumn Harvest one in front, just waiting for a big stick of butter!

It ends well for this Pyrex nut! When there's Pyrex ,there's a way!  


  1. Oh yes Pyrex wins again! So glad you were able to re-arrange and keep them all out! The jam looks yummy!

  2. I am oh so envious of your butterdish collection, not having a single one myself, they are way too gorgeous not to be displayed!