Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Classic - Primary Mixing Bowls

Hi!  As it's my first post, let me introduce myself.  I'm Missouri Michael of Cul-De-Sac Shack blog.  For my first post on The Pyrex Collective, I wanted to share my favorite pieces of Pyrex.  The classic Primary Mixing Bowls.

These bowls belonged to my great-aunt and I discovered them when we were cleaning out her house after she sold it and moved into assisted living.  After asking her about them, I found out that both she and my grandmother were given a set by their mother back in the 1940s.  I have been using them quite frequently around my kitchen, because they are just so darned handy!  However, after digging through Pyrex Love's website I discovered the interesting markings that the very earliest sets had on the bottom.

The information that was so intriguing to me is as follows: "the oldest sets from the “1940s” were not numbered on the bottom. According to him, “The markings on the bottoms of the 1940s ‘non-numbered’ bowls are only ‘T.M. REG.’ in an arch above ‘PYREX’ horizontally in the middle, and ‘U.S. PAT. OFF’ below in an up-facing arch.” The later 1950s - 1970s sets do have the numbers and this is what we have in our set, leading us to believe that we have a “newer” set."  (To view the complete article, please visit the Pyrex Love website here.)

I dug out my set, and lo and behold, no numbers...marked exactly like the oldest sets.  It was a rather exciting moment!  However, now I'm a little afraid to use them, so I'm on the look out for another mixing bowl set for my everyday kitchen use.

Oh, my grandmother still has her set as well, although she broke the small blue bowl at some point.  I'm hoping to get her one for Christmas this year so she can have a complete set again!


  1. Love the Primary Bowl set and to have one of the oldest one's...awesome!

  2. How exciting having older Pyrex! Love the colours of this set.

  3. i have the green one, and i was excited when i first found out it was a 1940s piece too! it's so cool to have something that's probably been used a lot since then and is still in good condition. gives me the chills ")

  4. Don't you just love these basic bowls. You are right.....can't beat them for 'kitchen' preparation.
    Thanks for that info tidbit.....just checked mine and discovered I have both.

  5. They're lovely and s nice you have the original set with family history :-)

  6. My grandmother had the pink set in the 50s (I realized recently it's boxes up in my shed lol) and my mom had the turquoise blue set that was a wedding present in 1957. Apparently she said I can have that set, too haha