Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Feast after Famine

When I decided to join the Pyrex Collective I was worried that, as my pyrex finds seemed to be drying up, I would just end up posting about old finds. BUT my pyrex famine came to an end at a market on Saturday when I found these!

Aren't they fab!?!

A fab citrus splash of orange and yellow.

Pretty flowers.

Sunshiney loveliness.

Lovely blue bowl to match some other pieces I have.

These 4 bowls came to a total of $12!!! They are sitting prettily on my kitchen counter and will look very fabulous on the acres of open shelving I plan on having in my dream kitchen one day :-)


  1. They ARE fab!! $12 for all 4? No way! (Obviously, WAY, but that's incredible.) Lucky you!

  2. awesome!!!!! pretty jealous here ")

  3. The colours are fantastic. I can always spot your posts because of the wonderfully lit table you use. You can't take a bad photo.

  4. Thanks guys! Thanks for the lovely compliment Erin, it's the only spot in the house where I can take a good photo in natural light, otherwise the flash just washes the photos out, so I drag the little table over to that spot for all my pics :-)

  5. Oh my goodness! All those gorgeous bowls for $12!! That just makes me so happy for you!

  6. Lovely finds! The Pyrex gods have ways of surprising us! And it's usually when we least expect it :)