Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pyrex Polka Dot bowls

Hi there!  I'm Sharon and my blog is icantotallymakethat where ideally I'm supposed to post things I make/craft/create but due to my lack of craftiness and motivation it ends up being more about things I love such as my puppies, cooking/baking, home decor, traveling, antique/thrift store hunting and of course, vintage goodies.  I found The Pyrex Collective through Thrifted Treasure and am happy to be part of the group!

I recently was given a set of polka dot mixing bowls by a dear friend and wanted to show them off here.  You can check out my original post here.

Now I'm excited to go home and take pictures of every Pyrex piece I own! (though I probably should do it a little at a time so my husband does not become too suspicious about my addiction)

*edited to note: I am so sorry but these are by Fire King instead of Pyrex.  I am truly mortified!!!  Now I need to read up on the differences between Pyrex and Fire King!*


  1. Love those polka dot bowls. I see you use them....good!

  2. Cute bowls! Will look forward to seeing your Pyrex here!

  3. They're so lovely, I agree it's lovely to see vintage pyrex being used :-)

  4. However those are not Pyrex but Fireking bowls.

    Cute but not Pyrex!