Monday, August 9, 2010

It Almost Had Me With Hello

After dragging my pasty behind out to a Value Village far from my home, I noticed this cute little blue Pyrex mixing bowl. It was only $1.99, so I grabbed it. As I began inspecting the piece, I could see that it was all streaky, scratched, blotchy, and generally lacking lustre. It was like falling for some cute boy in high school only to discover that he's a huge Whitney Houston fan. Alright, I went to high school in the eighties. I put the Pyrex back. Sniff.

It hurts to be in love...
Erin - Yard Sale Snoop

P.S. Sorry about the not-so-wonderful picture. I had to take the picture on the fly before staff became suspicious. Right after I took the picture, they called for a security scan of section 41 or something like that. I became paranoid that they thought I was stealing, when in fact, I was just putting my camera back in my tote bag. Anyone else ever taken pictures in a thrift store? Am I crazy to do this?


  1. Erin, you're too funny! I love how you describe your experience with this bowl. You are not crazy, I do it all the time. Especially when I go to an antique mall and am on the fence about a purchase. I take a pic, then look it over a few more times from home over the next few days. It usually turns out that it was probably gonna be an impulse buy and then I'm glad I waited...this doesn't happen as often as I'd like!

  2. Oh so true! You see, you grab, you love and then the flaws start to hit you in the face. Alas, you have lost again! Sigh....such is the life of a Pyrexamanic! I don't usually take photos in the thrift, lol. Hope you weren't 'scanned'!

  3. Doncha hate that paranoid feeling? I take pix at thrift stores, too. It's too much fun. And I worry "they'll" tell me I can't. Who's it hurting? And, that's my cellphone I'm slipping into my bag.

  4. Pssssh I take pictures at the thrift store everyday and I've never been approached about it.