Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Handle and the Pin

My brother came across this interesting item in his travels.

It has Pyrex on it and he knew I'd want it. So he gave it to me the other day.

I had to look in up online. It said that these were used on the glass Pyrex skillets/frying pans.

This one is in great it was hardly used.

Now this little gem of a find I got last weekend at a yard sale. There was a collection of about 8 rolling pins....mostly wooden ones.

My hubby gave me a nudge when he noticed this long box with Pyrex on it. I didn't know they made rolling pins.

This again looks brand new. The box is pretty rough but not bad considering it's age.

The rolling pin itself is immaculate. It gives the instructions on one of the sides on the box.

Notice that it was made in England. Maybe for the Pyrex company in the US?

Anyway, great find for $10.


  1. Great finds! I'd kill for a Pyrex rolling pin!

    The handle is for Flameware. In the ad you could serve breakfast directly to the table and just remove the handle. I tried and it wasn't working for me at all!

  2. those are interesting rolling pins. i didn't know they made them either, but they are really cool!

  3. I vaguely recall seeing a handle like that in the "everything drawer" in the kitchen during childhood. It may have been for Corning Ware though.

    Awesome rolling pin!

  4. Holy Moly! What a cool item!! I had no clue they made these either!

  5. That's one heck of a cool rolling pin. I had no idea.
    Rock on!

  6. Yes all, the rolling pin was my find of the far.

  7. I never knew Pyrex made a bottle pin!