Sunday, August 8, 2010

P is for Pretty Pink Pyrex

Hello, my name is Betty and I am addicted to Pyrex.

Well... not ALL Pyrex. I'm a little bit picky about what I like.
According to Jen at The Thriftshop Romantic I suffer from enjoy having Pyrexia an addiction that affects one in ten.

Whenever I go to a Goodwill, Estate Sale, or other Thrifting location, I make a beeline for wherever Pyrex will be.My mother got some Pyrex and Corningware dishes as wedding gifts but neither of us was really excited about Pyrex until fairly recently. About 2 years ago we were at one of our first estate sales ever and in the kitchen (my favorite room, of course!) there was a Pink Gooseberry Bake-Serve-Store in the smallest size for one dollar. My mother had never seen pink Pyrex (I had only ever really seen Spring Blossom) so we bought it.

That one piece was the beginning. We soon found out that not only was pink Pyrex lovely, it was seldom seen and exorbitantly priced.Now that Pyrex is on our radar we notice it at Goodwill and other thrifts but we don't see it often at Estate or Garage sales (unless you're DYING for blue cornflower). We regularly see it at Goodwill but it's rarely at the price and condition that we want.We have, however, been lucky enough to amass a fairly nice collection. My favorite pattern is Spring Blossom (fortunately very common), and I rarely have to pass it up. It has sold more pieces than any other pattern in Pyrex history and because of that I find it everywhere and often in good shape.

I believe in using my Pyrex because why else am I buying it? It is the superior option in bake ware and it's pretty. I even discovered after recently finding a lasagna pan that I didn't have to grease the pan before baking Pumpkin Bread in it.

My favorite item is my four quart cinderella bowl. It's Red but I wish I had it in Spring Blossom. Oh well.


  1. Pretty in pink....sure enough!
    Very versatile eh?

  2. i'm with you on that one... i use all my pyrex. but i also display it where it can be seen when it's not in use. it's too pretty to hide :) love the pink!

    ~ ana

    p.s. i checked out your blog the other night :) nice to see you here too.

  3. P. is definitely for pink Pyrex! ;) I like that quilt under your lasagna pan too.

  4. I have one piece of the Pink Gooseberry and love it. I would like to find more but at a good price!! I like spring blossom also and have a piece of that. I also use my Pyrex!