Monday, August 23, 2010

Pink Deliciousness

YUM! Pink Butterprint! This is my only piece. I never saw others in my thrifting journeys....Maybe this year on my trip to Maine...Maybe I can find a couple of pieces I haven't suck out yet! LOL
(legend has it that I sucked out all the Pyrex of the eastern seaboard....I beg to differ! I try but to no avail!)

This cute pic was taken in my garden with a fuschia cosmos. Lovely combo!


  1. Very pretty! I never seem to see pink Butterprint either, just blue. Nice flower too!

  2. I have only one piece of Pink and it's gooseberry! This piece is so special...just like you! Hope you find more!!!

  3. I have this piece too! I was told on Flickr that it's super rare...there's also Butterprint in yellow/gold that's rare as well.