Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pyrex Primary Jackpot!

Hi There! I'm fairly new to the blogging experience, but have been recording my vintage finds at I love kitchen stuff like Le Creuset and Pyrex - I may have even found my own first Cathrineholm piece the other day... Here's a post I just put up on my site:

It has been a while. I've been longing to find the primary refrigerator set, especially the practical blue rectangular loaf pan! I've also debated on the merits of collecting each single bowl of the primary mixing bowl set but now I finally have them all.

After responding to a Craigslist ad, my hubby humoured me and drove out to the boonies almost 25km away from our house. By the time we arrived, the sun had long set and we were hopelessly lost on a rural road. By the time we made our way, we realized we were going to a farmhouse that was in complete darkness. We were led by the seller past her barn of horses and to a back room that was filled with, well, you could call them knicknacks.

(Don't they look relaxing there, basking in the evening sun?)

But there they were! The Primary Bowl and Fridgies set, complete with lids (and even a couple extra of the large pan lids). The green mixing bowl is my favourite, don't you just love that colour?? The seller threw in an extra yellow small fridgie, so now it's looking very yellow in this scene from my Living Room...


  1. Great finds! I don't have any of the primary collection at all and have never ever come across a fridgie, can't wait to find one!

  2. Wow you found some awesome primary Pyrex! Love the refrigerator sets!

  3. Very nice sets! I wish refrigerator dishes were as common as casseroles around here.

  4. Amazing colours. Once again, I'm left feeling like a rank amateur.

  5. They are beautiful! We, too, are on the hunt for a complete Primary bowl set. Sounds like you went to Dwight Schrute's farm ;) (From The Office t.v. show)