Wednesday, August 25, 2010

To Sneak Or Not To Sneak?

My overpriced mini Pyrex shroom bowl.

One member of the Pyrex Collective recently asked for my advice (via email) regarding Pyrex addiction and the best way to go about bringing new pieces home. You know what I'm talking about. You find a beautiful medium-sized yellow Pyrex mixing bowl which would go perfectly with your small and large-sized yellow Pyrex mixing bowls. Heck - it's a set. But you know in your heart of hearts that your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, sister, mother, father, child, cousin twice removed will not understand. To them, it's just another Pyrex bowl. "Like you need another one."

My big problem is that I keep buying same size Pyrex casserole dishes and I NEVER MAKE CASSEROLE.

In an ideal world, our loved ones are rational people who would never lord over the housekeeping pursestrings like Michael Douglas' ex-wife. But Pyrex addiction can become a problem.

My husband is pretty cool with Pyrex and we don't need approval from the other person to make purchases. Most of the time, he likes what I buy and he uses Pyrex around the house. Still, there are times when I do have to ask myself if it's necessary to highlight the fact that I've bought yet another casserole dish that we don't really need. Is it even worth pointing out that a new piece has been purchased in the big scheme of things? Would he even notice that there was another Pyrex dish in the cupboard? Probably not. Still, I tend to come clean and in an upbeat way and show him what I've bought, making sure to point out all the amazing features of this latest piece of Pyrex.

What do you do? Group therapy time. Dish on the dishes.



  1. Been there girl! I always get comments on how the collection will break the floor joists!

    How's that for weird! I bring the Pyrex home and sometimes I leave on the table it for everyone to enjoy and sometimes I just shove it in the cupboards.

    Erin please start making casseroles! Everyone loves them, they are econimical and taste better re-heated! Some are weirder than others...beware of tuna casserole and chicken divan (eeewww).

    I feel guilty about a couple of pieces I got on ebay that I paid WAY too much for. Some I even sold. If I have doubles, I send them to friends (it buys me good karma). I try to swap but being from Canada not a lot of people want to exchange with me because of the shipping costs.

    I can never pass some

  2. I loved reading this comment. Thanks VB. I'm going to make it my mission to make casserole this fall. I know I can do it.

  3. You can do like I do...leave the latest casserole purchase on the table and it'll magically start collecting the week's mail. ;)

  4. sometimes i also wonder if i am collecting too much pyrex. but then i think, they are always re-sellable for pretty much what i bought them for or more, so I am not really wasting money on something that depreciates. But yes, you have to make a casserole. there is a casserole recipe for pretty much any food you like, and you can quickly put the pyrex lid on it and put it in the fridge. home made pot pies, lasagne, chicken spaghetti all work well in pyrex casserole dishes!

  5. I only have to justify my purchases to myself. I am not 'married' & my special guy and I have separate finances and as long as it doesn't hurt each other we feed our own collection habits and support each other. I think I am very lucky!

  6. Be bold, Sistah! It makes you happy, so it's justified.