Monday, August 16, 2010

The Missing Link

I ran across these Pyrex baby bottles in a thrift store, today. Thinking of this blog, I reached for my camera to secure photo documentation, only to find that I left it home.

So, I picked up 4 of the 8 on the shelf and brought them home to share with my fellow lovers of all things Pyrex. They are really fun to look at and handle and are in excellent condition. As she was cashing me out, the cashier took a good look at me and said "I always wondered who would buy these; they're the same bottles I used to feed my babies over 30 years ago."

Perhaps, some of us have been Pyrex lovers since birth? I can just picture it. Itty bitty pyrex collectors in training, running our tiny, infant fingers up & down the word PYREX as we were being nourished.


  1. It makes me smile just thinking about that, Leah.

  2. I love that visual also. Pyrex as our first word!

  3. I love it. I was a glass bottle baby, so maybe I suckled on Pyrex.
    Good score. You won't regret it. They'd make nice mini vases.

  4. That was my good hearty laugh for the day - I love that visual! Thanks!

  5. So cute! I can't imagine ever giving my kids glass bottles though, SMASH!!!