Monday, August 9, 2010

Pyrex devotee

 I have a homing device for Pyrex.  Actually, it's an addiction my husband and I share.  When we hit visit a thrift store, he heads directly for the housewares section .  We've had really good luck at Salvation Army and St. Vinnies. 

Pyrex strikes a chord of nostalgia for us as we are both baby boomers and remember our moms and grandmoms cooking with it. 
Here are some of our recent finds:
Amish Farmer
Aqua Wheat
Orange Hex
*Charcoal Snowflake*
Here's our most recent find at St. Vinnies:

Homestead Blue refrigerator dishes
p.s. My name's Mary and i'm from Vintage Comfort blog....


  1. Hi Mary,
    Nice stuff! I think we have the same exact stove. :)

  2. Lovely Pyrex. That one dish actually works as a book holder. LOL

  3. Oh you have some lovely patterns in your collection. The Aqua Wheat is very pretty and I have never seen that before. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love them all but especially the first two!