Saturday, August 14, 2010

Shining Pyrex - Thrifting in the Dark

The hubs and I went thrifting today, and it was kind of late by the time we got to the last stop. They actually turned the lights out on us while we were in this humongous 3-story antique mall, where we remarked to each other it wouldn't be the worst place to get lost and have to spend the night. So we kept wandering a bit, seeing what we could see with what little light drifted in through a window or door here and there.

I had just hit my favorite seller's booth when the manager appeared. He sighed and gave us a look that said, "What are you still doing here?"

He quickly herded us through the maze of booths to the cash register, where I paid for the piece of Pyrex I had just picked up before being busted but hadn't had much time or light to inspect yet.

I think it was a good buy.

It's a 2-1/2 quart Cinderella bowl in a pattern I hadn't seen before. A quick Google search indicates the pattern is called Embroidery and it may have been a 1958 promotional item (what exactly does that mean?). Does anyone have any other info on it?

I sure love the color.


  1. Very pretty. Love the color and the pattern.

  2. P - this story had an element of suspense and getting caught being a bit naughty. I like that. Not that I'm weird about it.
    Nice score.

  3. That is one pretty pattern! I've never seen it before...glad you didn't get locked up in the antique mall for the weekend, though it may have been fun :)

  4. That sounds like it could have the adventure of a lifetime! Why did you leave? You were supposed to just find the closest cupboard and crawl in. That bowl is very pretty and in lovely shape.

  5. It's gorgeous, both the colour and pattern are fab!!

  6. Beautiful embroidery pattern. That's a new one for me. Love it.