Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pyrex For All Creatures Great And Small

This morning, I was stunned to discover what looked to be a budgie in amongst the sparrows at our birdfeeder. I guess this was the one that got away.

Long story short: I was able to catch the beautiful bird and she/he is safe in a gerbil cage until we can take it to animal services tomorrow. I hope it finds a good home. Oh yeah, look at how handy my boring, but always practical heavy Pyrex custard dishes are. They fit perfectly into the small opening in the cage and the little bird is happy perching on Pyrex.
Life is sweet today.
For the double-post long version, visit Yard Sale Snoop (linked at right).


  1. I read the full post over on your blog and am so glad it all has a happy ending :-)

  2. Those custard cups are the most useful things.

  3. So that's a pyrex custard cup. I thought it was the perfect size for the little guy!