Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Collection

I know I've been overdue for a post with all my Pyrex in it but I have my Pyrex tucked away in so many places that it isn't exactly easy to photograph. I am working on certain patterns and mostly pick things for color, price, and style of dish. The pattern that I want a whole set of, all the way down to the compatibles, is Spring Blossom. This collection should be pretty easy to compile as Spring Blossom is one of, if not the, best selling patterns that pyrex ever released.

I've got all the Bake-Serve-Store and Round Casserole dish sizes, the 442 cinderella bowl and 441 regular mixing bowl, two handles mugs, one 502 fridge dish, the margarine tub, and (not pictured) the open sugar bowl and (gemco) vinegar and oil cruets. I also have assorted plates and a serving platter in the corelle.

Another pattern that I pick up from time to time that coordinates with Spring Blossom is the verde. I haven't got nearly as many in that pattern.

I've got the biggest Bake-Serve-Store, the small fridge dish, and the loaf pan. Also, not pictured, I have the smallest Bake-Serve-Store which is also in the yellow-green. Yesterday my mother saw a verde divided dish with the decorated lid but the lid didn't fit quite right so she passed on it.

Next is a pattern that is everywhere and I'm still not in love with even though I have some pieces. Butterfly Gold.

We have the 444 cinderella bowl, 441 regular mixing bowl, 401 fridge dish, largest Bake-Serve-Store, the margarine tub, and the lasagna pan. The Bake-Serve-Store is actually Butterfly Gold II which I personally prefer but don't see too much of.

Of course there's also the color that started the collecting: Pink.

We have one Goosberry Pink small Bake-Serve-Store, two pink Utility bowls, one cranberry utility bowl, and, most recently one cranberry pie plate. I am very excited to bake a pie now! I don't know yet if I'll like it more than the corelle pie I already use. I guess we'll find out.

I am currently working on the Primary Colors set, mostly the mixing bowls.

The red and green were my first mixing bowls and I love them. The size and the colors are just fantastic, I just recently got the yellow and am very happy with it. Our blue fridge dishes are both very faded but still quite functional. One more red fridgie and I'll have a set. I love primary yellow! I wish they had made a whole set in that yellow, I'd want it over spring blossom any day!

We also have a few pieces in assorted patterns as well as several promotional divided dishes but no cradles. I've only ever seen cradles in pictures and antique stores.

Two butterprint 401 Fridgies, a golden acorn deep 1.5qt oval, Americana cinderella 401, and a faded lime Utility bowl.

Divided dish in Daisy with a slightly damaged lid, divided Charcoal Snowflake, divided (aqua) Blue Snowflake, divided promotional Barbed Wire 1959.

Daisy deep oval 1.5qt casserole.

Autumn Harvest 403 mixing bowl.

Pulling out all the pyrex to take pictures for this made me realize exactly how much we have. Sometime soon I'd like to be able to have a hutch just for Pyrex as our kitchen is kind of small and doesn't have much storage so we have the dishes wrapped up and above upper cupboards. It's not the handiest storage method but we make do.

What's your favorite pattern or color? Is there a color that you just wish they made more things in? Do you have one set you're trying to amass?

Also, just wanted to say that since Barbara's post about her corelle cutting board I found one of my own and it's perfect for rolling out pie dough. If she hadn't made me aware of their existence I would never have known to look for one. Thank you, Barbara!

I found this blog with a fun giveaway while I was looking up mid century kitchens. Just check out what she was giving away! It's not a giveaway that is open entry but it's hilarious to read about the submissions. Hope you like it!


  1. Nice collection! I really like the Verde. I am on the look out for Turquoise fridge dishes.

  2. Wow - nice collection! I am regretting giving away all my spring blossom pattern (to my brother) in a moment of madness. I'm so glad you like the cutting board! It saves my counter tops from burns from hot cookware every day, and of course it washes easily and is totally sanitary. Years of daily use hasn't made a scratch, either.

  3. Incredible collection!! I am so jealous with my one pink piece! I love the pink gooseberry and the daisy and am looking for a refrigerator set.

  4. This is a fabulous collection. I can't believe your mother is helping you out and knows what to get. Lucky woman. Great haul and you should display it all so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labour.

  5. Amazing collection! You've got such a great variety.

  6. Cool collection! You have a lot. Good luck in finding the pieces ou are looking for!

  7. I adore the PINK Pyrex but only have one piece! I think my next fav is snowflake or verde.

  8. I love the greens in Spring Blossom. We have some Verde Cinderella Casserole dishes and I really like their greens, too. I guess I've drunk the Pyrex koolaid cuz I like even the 'ugly' ones ;) Something about that old Pyrex red, though, always catches my eye.