Monday, August 23, 2010

Hello all! This is my first time posting on the Pyrex Collective. I am Katie of Katieebee.
I wanted to share with you the Pyrex I "found" the other day. My secret stash ;)
I wish I could say I thrifted all of these and just got awesomely lucky in a single store, but nope. I kinda cheated. I found a lady on craig's list who had had a yard sale last weekend with tons of pyrex, and I missed it!!! So I emailed the lady and asked her if she had any pyrex left over that I could possibly come check out. She was gracious enough to let me come! She was trying to get rid of her collection-and boy, did she have a collection.
She had the pinks, the blues, the turquoise, the yellows, refrigerator sets--everything!!
I discovered that my new favorite pyrex color is yellow. But I didn't end up getting those, although I wish I did. Here is what I did get:
Pinks! and a blue! She let all of these go for about $20 (I can't remember how much I spent haha) But I'd say that's a steal! Its possible to find Pyrex cheaper, but I haven't been having luck with any beautiful colors like these.
They're perfect. She even said that I am welcome back whenever I wanted some more Pyrex. SCORE!!


  1. You are so incredibly lucky to find the Pink Pyrex for that price! WOW is all I can say! I love it and wish I could visit that lady myself! Thanks for posting here so we can all drool over your new Pyrex!!

  2. How lucky are you?! Now get back to that lady and get some more......and show us!

  3. What Jabacue said! Seriously, you got a heck of a deal for $20.

  4. Welcome Katie! That is quite a bit of luck! Especially since the pink Pyrex is as rare as pope's shit! This joke sounds much better in french! LOL

  5. That was a fantastic find, I would be stalking that woman big time for the rest!!!

  6. Oh my goodness, I just found you! I LOVE Pyrex, and I have exactly one pink daisy divided dish from my grandmother. I have been looking on ebay, but it goes fast and expensive. I love these pink and blue ones!! I really would like to find some pink refrigerator sets. You are so lucky!!

  7. Awesome...I sooooo love Pyrex. I found some awesome pieces lately. Resold the elusive BLUE SCROLL PROMO PIECE. It was like selling a kidney. LOL. Is everyone watching the Pyrex piece "Lucky In Love" on ebay climbing as we speak. ONE PIECE is up to $500 tonight!! Oh, to win the lottery and buy up a house full of this joyous stuff.

    Love the blog...just starting a vintage blog this week myself if anyone wants to check it out.