Monday, August 30, 2010

HumHum Delphite!

This is my favorite Pyrex piece: The square bottom lipped bowl made in Canada in all it's delicious Delphite glory!

My second favorite Pyrex piece....

Is the Delphite casserole...yes Pyrex fans there is a Santa Claus! Also made in Canada (Ontario) in the 50's

It was found by one of the Pyrex soldiers (my father has actually recruited some friends to look for Pyrex for me!) at Value Village for 2.99$ you can't beat that!

Have a great evening and you have yourself some nice and peaceful delphite dreams!


  1. Hey, you posted this so quickly since I spoke with you. I wouldn't recognize this as Pyrex if I saw it. It's so beautiful. I still want to see the snow picture.
    You are Pyrex Goddess.

  2. This is gorgeous! I'm with Erin I wouldn't have thought "Pyrex" either. Beautiful.

  3. I knew Fire King did Delphite but never knew Pyrex did! That's enough to make me want to take a trip to Canada.

  4. Erin, you'll have to wait tomorrow for the snow shot! :)

  5. One of the MANY advantages of living in Canada!!!
    Love both of these pieces. Have never seen a square-bottomed one before.