Thursday, August 5, 2010

to everyone, hello!

Greetings from my little house in Florida not-too-far from the sea!  I’m Madge on the webs, Margaret in person.  I’ve been collecting Pyrex for three years and get my loot exclusively from thrift shops.  This very photo from a small spread in Country Home magazine turned me on to Pyrex and I haven’t looked back since:

My collection is as scatterbrained as I am!; I don’t seek out complete sets:

I love, love, love patterns.  I’m a fool for Snowflakes, Butterprint and Gooseberry.
I have a few pieces that I use in the kitchen, otherwise I just sort of dreamily stare at it.

My thrifting blog is Solid Cherry.  I’m a new mom; my son George is nearly two months old!  Before the mom gig I was a librarian in a public library.  I have two cats and two dogs.  I also love to collect restaurant ware creamers, midcentury furniture if I am so lucky, and how weirdly specific is this?! - American-made bread-and-butter plates, color: grey.  I’m secretly buying these things to stock a tiny Airstream Bambi or little pre-fab getaway that I will one day have in my wildest dreams! xoxo

{P.S. thank you Erin for including me & Jeni, for designing the masthead: love!}


  1. I just want to dreamily stare at your collection too! :)

  2. Awesome collection! I hope you get that airstream someday! Which library were you working at? I am always at the library on Summit. LOL! Too funny!

  3. Yep, you are addicted! Nice collection, Madge!

  4. Oh, dang - I gave a set of the mixing bowls like you have in the lower right-hand corner to my youngest son! I wonder if I can get it back??? You have a beautiful collection!

  5. I love the way your collection looks stacked like that! Most of my pieces have come from the Thrift also!

  6. hi margaret, your collection is gorgeous! those colours... like candy!

    ~ ana