Friday, December 17, 2010

Check another off the list.

One more aqua piece has landed in my grubby hands. I got this for a deal on ebay and it was insanely well packaged. The lid has a lot of caked on debris which I have been going at with toothpicks (it really works).

My goal next is the tiny fridgies, the loaf pan/fridgie, the cinderella bowl, the round cake pan and the pie pan...phew...that's it for aqua isn't it?

I'm moving soon and I can't wait to display all this in my new kitchen!


  1. Love that color!! It would really nice with the pink pyrex to:) Do you have a blog?? Elma

  2. Elma, I have two blogs:
    Which is an open one like this one and I invite you all to join!

  3. I have been experiencing strong turquoise tendencies lately, it's quickly becoming my favourite. Beautiful piece.