Monday, December 20, 2010

Come to Mama

This post is going to seem rather ho-hum after reading about enchanted fridgies and rare Pyrex that I can only dream about. Thing is, it's been such a long time since I've been able to find ANY Pyrex that doesn't look like it's been dragged through a sandpaper factory. Basically I'd resigned myself to being a Pyrex Square Peg until I get some serious eBay money together. That is until today.
Butterfly Gold 2 - It may not be rare and unusual, but I still love it. Butterfly Gold, you're the bowl, the bowl with the magic touch!

If you read my blog, you'll know that I've been on a down-with-Value-Village-and-their-senseless-nonsense-pricing-policy-I'm-mad-as-heck-and-I'm-not-going-to-take-it-anymore.

Well, today I was reminded that good deeds are rewarded sometimes. At my school, some teachers had packed off for the holiday on Friday with rooms and hallway bulletin boards in various states of disaster. Well, being the trooper without a social life that I am, I went in today to carry on levelling my books and setting up the Pioneer interest table. I know, I know. As you can imagine, the school was a ghost town. But my room will be ready to rock when I come back and I can be all lah-di-dah watching everyone scramble for the photocopier.

When the janitors booted me out at 2 p.m., I chugged up to the Value Village near my school. Of course, all that was there in the way of Pyrex, were the dishwasher faded casserole dishes that had been sitting there for weeks. I picked up a couple of things for my class and was just getting ready to go when I heard the magical clinking sound of glassware being carted through the store. I could hear it getting closer. I thought I'd just play it cool.

My head turned around, almost in slow motion like in the movies. Too bad a fan wasn't blowing my hair around. It was then that I spied this medium-sized Butterfly Gold 2 mixing bowl on the cart. I've never seen this happen before, but people came out of nowhere and ambushed the cart. I thought the Value Village clerk was going to tell people to buzz off until she could shelve everything, but she didn't. That was my sign to swoop down and grab my baby. I was prepared to use physical violence if anyone touched my bowl. It was mine. And in true Value Village puzzling pricing, I got it for $3.99 plus 30% off because of my stamped discount card. Sweet.
I was so happy, that I even picked up this small Pyrex measuring cup. So what if it doesn't have metric measurements on it. It's still a classic.

So that's my happy Pyrex Christmas story. Maybe one day I'll find a fridgie there.


  1. What a funny post! I love the way you tell the story of your great finds at the thrift store! :)

    --Erin {}

  2. Seriously...WHAT is with VV pricing?? I was there on Friday night (I don't have a social life and there was a pink bowl that was in the worst shape I had ever seen. Sandpaper would have made this thing look good! Now I don't collect Pyrex but I love it and I help my friend Steph (an author on this amazing blog)collect it. That ugly horrible worn out crappy bowl (small too) was priced at $7.99. What the??? I was seriously about to go find a manager and demand an explanation. Someone at VV has their heads in "Dream On" Land!

  3. Super funny post and great score. Pyrex may be insanely priced at VV yet we all seem to still look for it there. Your find validates us all!!